Our IT team has also executed international projects for banks, telecommunications companies in Switzerland, Germany and the USA:DeutscheTelekom, CreditSuisse, UBS, GECapital, Jelmoli, Siemens


  • risk management and analysis systems, risk scoring management;
  • automatic generation of reports on creditworthiness of the Customer;
  • normalisation, aggregation, deduplication and analysis of data in input processes;
  • integration of systems, multi-tier architecture of different-source data aggregation system;
  • UI/UX: development of GUI standards, usability, prototyping and tests of User Interfaces;
  • address framework solutions, automated comparison and normalisation of location address entered in any form to standardise the database;
  • cooperation in designing architecture for mobile payments system;
  • architecture, implementation and deployment of web applications;
  • building and management of database clusters;
  • consulting on improvement in performance and processes;
  • creating data management systems (e.g. for 330 million users);
  • the following technologies: Java, .NET, MSSQL, Oracle, JavaScript, HTML5, JSP, ASP, XML.


Jaromir Działo has been working in IT business since 1994. He is the co-creator of two R&D companies in Poland, manager of a team of 60 people, architect of IT systems for Swiss banks, content delivery network for 95% of cinemas in Switzerland and Hollywood, 100+ web portals; he has been working with companies from the USA and EU for over 15 years. He created 3 successful start-ups, EwangelistaUI/UX "frontend maestro" with a passion for ergonomics, usability and clear communication. He is the co-author of the patent on semantic analysis and actively supports open-source environment. Jaromir Działo is an experienced leader managing international companies for more than 18 years, staying over 5 years in the USA, Switzerland and the UK. He provides advice to and cooperates with investment funds in the field of risk/market management and analysis, business concept assessment, global potential, improved performance and processes. He is a speaker, mentor, juror in start-up contests. He provides advice to start-ups, helps in contacts with foreign investors.


  • The IT section is based on 10 experienced developers, known and appreciated in the sector – publications in trade press, lectures during IT conferences;
  • For larger projects we can rapidly and smoothly scale up the team to 50-60 people. We cooperate with carefully selected external companies and subcontractors;
  • Our team is composed of people having thorough knowledge, working in flexible hours and at competitive rates