Comprehensive support services for back office processes

Back office support covers administrative part of the Customer’s operations and concerns e.g.: processing and storing of documents, acquiring and registering information (data) in computer systems of the Customer, optimising activities related to the information processing, filing transferred/acquired information (data).

Call Centre services

The back office support activities executed at the Customer's request cover e.g.: acquirement, confirmation and verification of data at the Customer's request, verification of databases during telephone interviews, servicing orders and complaints, information services as well as monitoring and collection of receivables.

Development and management of databases

We provide professional services in the field of databases building and management, including: entering information on Customers from registers, surveys obtained during interviews, questionnaires and other available data sources, keeping a history of Customer relations, updating, supplementing and eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data (data deduplication), segmentation of databases according to specific criteria.